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World-Wide Telecommunications, Inc. has the latest Avaya Voice, Data and Wireless technology, with installation, cabling and network circuits provided as well. The leaders of World-Wide Telecommunications have more than 65 years of combined experience and our proud of a terrific track record of successfully satisfying customers with real business impacting solutions:

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Featured Product: Avaya™ IP Office

Build your business on scalable, reliable, and proven network technology. Accelerate the growth of your business, and transform it for the better with complete, integrated solutions. With Avaya, you'll eliminate your business's IT stress by centrally managing your IP Office with Web-based administration. Whether you have five users or 3,000, Avaya IP Office can resolve your communication needs in one location or across up to 150 sites around the world.

Why Use World-Wide Telecommunications Inc.?

Communications solutions are important investments for the future growth of a company, and World-Wide Telecommunications Inc. understands our important role. Our outstanding team consists of design engineers, account managers, PMI-certified project managers, field engineers, application specialists, customer care professionals, and leadership professionals. We all work together to help you ensure a return on your investment that exceeds your expectations.

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